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January 2008
Pursuing a Balance of Business and Life
By John Paul Galles

     We are so pleased and proud to contribute to business success in the greater Charlotte region. The mission of Greater Charlotte Biz and all of our publications from the very beginning has been to help business people learn about each other and the abundant resources in this community supporting business success. Each month, we introduce you to area enterprises and their owners, managers and executives so that you can get to know them and discover opportunities for business interaction. We also want you to learn from each other so that you can be even more successful in your business.

     This 16-county region is rich with an incredibly diverse business base that is rapidly growing and changing. It has also become an attractive destination and location for national and international businesses seeking a new headquarters or operational center or even a distribution center in the Southeast or on the East Coast. At a time when many other cities are suffering a decline in business activity, Charlotte is still experiencing growth.

     Business executives are choosing the Charlotte region over many other business centers for some important reasons.

     First, Charlotte is accessible. With our airport, our highways, our access to railroads and ports, Charlotte is at the center of the east coast. It is 645 miles to New York City, 721 miles to Boston, 329 miles to Washington, D.C., 215 miles to Atlanta, 512 miles to Tampa and 735 miles to Miami.

     Second, Charlotte’s cost of living is among the lowest of all comparably sized cities in the United States. Our cost of living is lower than Memphis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Austin, Denver, Baltimore or Boston.

     Third, Charlotte is a “cool” city. We are attracting more young people with college degrees to this region than any other city in the country except Las Vegas. We attract people to this region because of our schools, colleges and universities, our health care and our wage rates.

     But the Charlotte region also attracts companies, business executives and workers because of our very high quality of life. Not only is Charlotte a great place to live, work, raise a family and enjoy life, but it also provides proximity to lakes, rivers and the ocean as well as to green spaces from the sand dunes to the Blue Ridge mountain tops. No matter which direction you travel, there are remarkable opportunities for everything from disc golfing to Olympic-standard whitewater rafting.

     Recognizing that Charlotte provides a great business location with a great quality of life, Greater Charlotte Biz is sporting a new tagline for 2008. We want to continue our great tradition of helping business people learn about each other and the business resources in this region, but we also want to help business people celebrate the quality of life that can be found in and around Charlotte.

     We will be adding at least one profile each month that is intended to help you enjoy your life alongside your business. We want to point out those access points that invite your participation in high quality of life experiences. From food, resorts, getaways, travel, golf, fun-in-the-sun, sports, events, arts and culture, we will present you with new ways to enjoy your lives in this outstanding region. Our new tagline is, “Pursuing a balance of business and life.”

     We want to introduce you to more fun, more happiness, more joy and more pleasure in your life in a healthy balance with business opportunities. We will entice you and encourage you and show you places, activities, events and opportunities from which you can enrich your own lives. We encourage you to strive for the healthiest balance of business and life possible!

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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