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September 2000
growth and opportunity
By John Paul Galles

     Greater Charlotte Biz is now the singular premier monthly magazine with the most complete business circulation in the ten-county Charlotte region. As a result, we have grown and expect continued expansion for several months, providing more quality content for readers than ever before.
    At the same time that we are growing internally, we are coalescing externally with other independently owned and operated business-to-business regional publications to expand our marketing reach throughout the Carolinas and Southeast region. Charlotte and Greater Charlotte Biz sit at the center of the Piedmont crescent of business activity. This location affords Charlotte the opportunity to serve as a central headquarters and distribution point for many area firms seeking to serve the Carolinas and Southeast USA.
    Now, in cooperation with other business publications in the Triangle, the Triad, Greenville-Spartanburg and Columbia, Greater Charlotte Biz can offer advertising opportunities to more than 75,000 businesses throughout this rapidly expanding and vibrant economic corridor. Greater Charlotte Biz can now serve the marketing interests of businesses seeking to promote and advertise their products and services in Business Leader magazine in the Triangle and Business Life magazine in the Triad of North Carolina, and Business Monthly in Columbia and other areas of South Carolina. Collectively, these publications reach more businesses than any other network in the Carolinas. 
     In addition to the acquisition of expanded advertising in Greater Charlotte Biz and the expanded marketing opportunities resulting from this coalition with other Carolina publications, we are also pleased to announce that we have recently formed a business network group support organization, BIZ This not-for-profit organization has been created for several reasons:

  • to support local business networking groups throughout the ten-county region under a common umbrella, providing expanded opportunities for the groups collectively while respecting their autonomy individually;
  • to provide a continual source of referrals to individual groups to maintain their size and capacity for interaction and marketing effectiveness;
  • to serve as a centralized communications and administrative center to disseminate information about activities and for communication among member groups;
  • to provide an internet identity and maintain communications at the Web site, hosting information on the various BIZ groups with the capacity to include individual photos and presentations; and
  • to provide monthly coverage of group activities in affiliation with Greater Charlotte Biz and provide a direct link to the BIZ web site from

     We recently had the privilege of listening to Ty Boyd at the kickoff of the BIZ program. An eloquent speaker, he quickly identified seven key elements in effective communication - confidence, passion, grace, trustworthiness, energy, listening and eye contact. We intend to pursue those same elements in the conduct and content of Greater Charlotte Biz and BIZ

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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