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July 2005
Charlotte Regional Business Education Directory

Welcome to our annual Greater Charlotte Biz directory of Charlotte regional business education offerings, from traditional business education programs to customized workforce training.


The American economy is transitioning to an economy founded on new production and employment systems as a result of developing technology and global competition – the “new economy.” This new economy is directly impacting workforce skills, requiring higher levels of education as well as more specialized training.


In this increasing age of displacement, there is overwhelming evidence that individuals attaining higher levels of education and training are more often and better employed and routinely describe themselves as more successful and having greater job satisfaction. There is equally compelling evidence that companies which invest more heavily in workforce education have better employee retention and are more successful, more productive and more profitable.


So, whether you are an employer interested in education and training programs to raise the performance levels of your employees, or an individual interested in gaining knowledge or skills for better performance or versatility, this directory should provide some guidance as to the breadth of offerings available.


Click the link below to download and view the entire directory. You will need Acrobat Reader to view this document.

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