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July 2005
Why Greater Charlotte Biz?
By John Paul Galles

Why Greater Charlotte Biz?

Every year seems to pass more quickly than the last.  And although July is traditionally a slower month for a lot of year-round businesses and vacation time for many, it is also time to get a jump on your marketing and advertising plans for 2006. Building your brand and expanding your identity is incredibly important to the growth and expansion of your business.  No matter how hard you work, if you want to sell more products and deliver more services, you must let people know about your products and services. You must build an awareness of your brand identity.  Advertising in Greater Charlotte Biz magazine can do just that, significantly improving your chances for success.


1.      Greater Charlotte Biz reaches the most complete circulation of business owners, managers and executives in the Charlotte region. Greater Charlotte Biz is mailed monthly to the desks of nearly 20,000 business people where they work, reaching the actual decision-makers at business locations with more than seven employees in the 16-county area.


2.      Greater Charlotte Biz engages an even more expanded readership seeking to learn more about area business people and business opportunities within the local marketplace. Each issue is also consumed by 4 to 7 additional pass-along readers providing a total readership of over 100,000 every month.


3.      Greater Charlotte Biz compels our readers with colorful, attractive, informative and entertaining content. Our stories and the images that accompany them are provided in a four-color format on glossy paper that is enjoyable and easily consumed. We help local business people learn about each other and their businesses in order to be more successful and to do business with each other.


4.      Greater Charlotte Biz sells. As a business-to-business magazine, multiple studies have demonstrated that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ‘return on investment’ across a broad range of product categories.


5.      Greater Charlotte Biz educates readers to the abundance of business talent, opportunity and resources within our local marketplace. We encourage people to do business in the greater Charlotte marketplace. We open the doors for people to learn about each other and discover new and profitable business ventures.


6.      Greater Charlotte Biz targets business owners, managers and executives who have the decision-making power over their business and personal resources. They choose to spend purchasing dollars on valuable goods and services for their businesses and in their personal lives. We expose them to the products and services of our advertisers.


7.      Greater Charlotte Biz builds credibility and expands identity. Our readers look forward to each and every issue and to the display of advertisers and editorial content. Studies demonstrate that consumers recognize, trust and believe magazine advertising more than advertising in other media.


8.      Greater Charlotte Biz influences influential people. Feedback from our biz profiles and our advertisers is always quite remarkable. We continually hear that they are most impressed by the caliber of people who comment about seeing them in our pages.


9.      Greater Charlotte Biz attracts diverse readers from a diverse marketplace. Our readers include owners, managers and executives from nearly all business sectors including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, finance, investment, real estate as well as professional people including accountants and lawyers, doctors and dentists, and architects and engineers.


10.  Greater Charlotte Biz lasts! Readers save many monthly issues so they can refer back to what they learn and find in each issue. As a result, Greater Charlotte Biz has an extended shelf life and is stored in office bookshelves, libraries, break rooms and reception areas. Advertisers are rewarded with added exposures over many more months.


We would be pleased to serve you and your business in this marketplace. We invite you to call and learn about the outstanding advertising opportunities in our publications!



John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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