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December 2004
A Moment of Celebration and Thanks!
By John Paul Galles

     What a remarkable five years it has been! With this issue, Greater Charlotte Biz celebrates five years of publishing here in Charlotte. While this may not be as remarkable as 10 years or 20 or 50 or 100, every business owner knows that celebrating the good is just as necessary to a healthy existence as marking the milestones is critical to understanding and learning from the experiences that they have been through.

     Having published 60 issues, profiling well over 300 Charlotte regional businesses – every month for five years, we feel quite proud to be able to present the stories of successful leaders and companies to the business community in the hopes of entertaining, inspiring and teaching through the experiences of others. With a distribution of 20,000, when you consider the average pass-along value of each magazine to 4 or 5 other readers, impacting 100,000 readers at large in the business community always amazes me and, at the same time, humbles me.

     Besides surviving an economic recession, the failure of the dotcoms and telecoms, the impact of 9-11, and terrorist threats including fears of anthrax, the war on terror and Iraq, we have been fortunate to have grown each year. The number of businesses which have not survived also humbles me. Nevertheless, in this holiday season, we are grateful for many things and want to celebrate, at least for a moment, the success and resilience of our business and American business over time.

     Our magazine continues to grow for two reasons…good stories and good advertisers. Without good stories, we could not attract readers. Without good readers and significant circulation, we could not attract advertisers. Without good advertisers, we could not afford to tell good stories. And so, we want to thank all those who have contributed their stories and their advertising to Greater Charlotte Biz. We have worked hard to help businesses grow and have enjoyed our own growth at the same time.

     It is also important to thank those who have helped us build each and every magazine. We are especially grateful to our staff and to our regular contributors, the Employers Association and the Charlotte Regional Partnership as well as Charlotte Center City Partners, Visit Charlotte, UNCC’s Belk College, CPCC’s Corporate and Continuing Education, John Silvia from Wachovia and John Connaughton from UNCC. We also want to thank our writers including Susanne Deitzel, Casey Jacobus, Ellison Clary, Heather Head and Lindsay LeCorchick and many others over five years.

     We would like to thank Wayne Morris of Wayne Morris Photography for his outstanding color photo covers over the last five years. In addition, we are thankful to our printers for their colorful renditions of these issues. We are grateful to Powerhouse Color, R.L. Bryan Printing, and Tathwell Printing.

     We would also like to thank T.J. Felice and Mark Mueller of Exervio, Inc. for their production and upkeep of our Web site,, presenting all of our content since the very first issue. We are also thankful to John DiCristo and the staff at Clickcom for storing and protecting our Web site for all who wish to view it.

     Five years in business is just the beginning for Greater Charlotte Biz. There are many more stories in this growing economic community. We look forward to telling the “war stories” of many more businesses that substantially affect the future of job and wealth creation in this region. We are also anxious to help you and your business build your brand, expand your identity and gather new customers and prospects in this marketplace. Please don’t hesitate to call anyone on our staff or me directly with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We will be happy to listen and learn about your business and how we can help you grow each and every year.


Happy Holidays and a most prosperous New Year!

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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