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February 2004
Celebrating Five Years of Success!
By John Paul Galles

Celebrating Five Years of Success!


In January 2000, Greater Charlotte Biz published its first issue for business decision-makers in the Charlotte regional marketplace. While it was the beginning of our presence in Charlotte, it was the culmination of about three years of research and work that provided the foundation for constructing and launching a new publication. It was also the natural evolution of my realm of experience to that point in time.

      Having served as president of the National Small Business Association in Washington, D.C., for ten years and before that as president of the Small Business Association of Michigan for eight years, I had learned first-hand about the struggles of small and mid-sized business owners who worked hard every day to keep their businesses focused on customers and prospects and serving their needs. I think I have heard more war stories about the trials and tribulations of business owners than nearly anyone else on this planet. At the same time, I never tire from hearing them. In fact, they inspire me and I know they inspire others.

     Those stories and the inspiration they provide are the fundamental reason for publishing this magazine in Charlotte’s business community. We exist to support business growth and development. We publish to educate, inform and inspire business interaction that stimulates entrepreneurialism and expands knowledge about the base of businesses and business resources within this marketplace. We publish to help people and businesses succeed.

      It has been said of Henry Robinson Luce, the publisher of Time, Fortune, Life and Sports Illustrated, that he put together magazines targeted at an audience he knew existed but no one else seemed to recognize at the time. The audience for Greater Charlotte Biz is more than just business owners in Charlotte or Mecklenburg County. It is more than any one commercial sector. This publication serves business decision-makers in the regional marketplace across 16 counties. Our targeted distribution reaches over 19,000 business executives directly by mail each month.

      With great optimism, we expected great success from the very beginning. Little did we know that the economy would turn down so quickly or that we would face terrorism, corporate scandals and a war that would diminish business activity and business spirits for growth and expansion. We have worked hard to support business success while many have failed and/or gone bankrupt. At the same time, we have witnessed economic change and a restructuring of our business marketplace that will continue. Losing manufacturing jobs by the thousands is incredibly destructive to the vitality of this region. With the huge infusion of federal spending combined with tax cuts, we are likely to see new job growth soon. However, there is not sufficient evidence of that yet.

      Certainly, we are pleased to see new retailers like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and other upscale vendors in the retail sales sector expanding, generally interpreted as positive signs of recovery. The new Merck data center at University Park is another example of new growth. General Dynamics’ expansion into the Charlotte market is further evidence of job growth. Greater Charlotte Biz takes great pride in featuring new and existing businesses that are growing and creating wealth within this region. We want to help you and other business people learn about each other in the hopes that you can, and will, do business with each other.

     The root of the word for “magazine” is storehouse. Early magazines were museums or repositories reflecting the nature of the collections gathered within. We have now published 50 editions compiling over 200 success stories about business leaders and the organizations that they have created. They are available at any time and at no charge on our magazine Web site for your reference. As one of the 17,000-plus magazines in this country, we are proud to celebrate our fifth year in business. We are grateful to all who have made that possible. Thank you.

     We continue to appreciate your comments and suggestions for content. If you know of a good story that should be told or if you have preferences for monthly content you would like to explore, please feel free to contact us!

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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