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November 2003
Many thanks for many blessings in Charlotte!
By John Paul Galles

     As days grow shorter and the end of 2003 draws closer, before we are fully engaged in holiday preparations, it is appropriate to stop to reflect on our blessings in life. Sure, there are still lots of things that we would like to change in our lives or ways we would like to perform more successfully, but without engaging in some introspection and evaluating our performance, we cannot appreciate what we have been through nor determine how to do it more effectively in the future. As convenient as it is to celebrate Thanksgiving formally once a year and make a special effort to draw close with family and friends, it should not be relegated to a Hallmark event. The wise person will take stock much more often to express thanks to those who have helped them grow

and learn and reach to their greatest extents every day.

      Here, at Greater Charlotte Biz, we want to first say thanks to our investors, family, friends and lenders that helped us launch this publication four years ago. Without their support and perseverance, we could not have even started this magazine in Charlotte. In late 1999, with the economy booming, it seemed that a new publication would achieve instant success and be warmly received by Charlotte’s business community. Y2K spending supplied many companies with sales and revenues that most expected could be turned to even greater business growth in 2000 and beyond. Dot-coms and telcoms were growing quickly and ambitiously advertising.

     Greater Charlotte Biz was launched in January 2000 and has been published each month since then. Little did we suspect that an economic downturn would occur so rapidly and affect advertising so dramatically. At the same time, we understood that we could support business growth and survival for those firms refusing to be defeated by the depressed stock market, terrorist attacks, corporate greed and unethical management, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are so impressed by the entrepreneurs in the Charlotte marketplace who have performed each and every day with such resilience in spite of all the bad news over the past three years.

     Successful publications rely on two sustaining forces: readers and advertisers. Readers attract advertisers. Advertisers attract readers and support the publication of the issues. They are of equal importance and value because one supports the other.

     We are incredibly proud that we have grown our circulation to approximately 20,000 business decision-makers at nearly every firm with more than seven employees in the 16-county Charlotte region. Beyond our direct circulation, our readership expands to over 100,000 business executives each month. It is our commitment to produce valuable feature articles that help you learn about area enterprises and new business opportunities. Your feedback has been extremely valuable. We work hard to earn your trust and respect your time and attention. In four years, we have delivered over 200 biz profiles that are instantly available to you and your staff at our Web site, Thank you, readers.

      We are also immensely grateful to our advertisers for their continuing presence and participation. We are so pleased to exhibit their goods and services in full color within our pages. Their presence pays for the printing, the postage, the creativity, the time and the talent behind each publication. It is our promise to continue to do all we can to enhance your brand, your image and your identity in this marketplace. We are privileged to serve you. Thank you, advertisers.

     Furthermore, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our staff, our writers, photographers and vendors who contribute their time and talent and spirit to each and every issue.

    In this year, we have also produced two new publications. Together with the Charlotte Regional Partnership, we have produced the 2004 Charlotte Regional Economic Development Guide. And, with the Union County Chamber of Commerce, we have produced the Union County Newcomers Guide. We are especially pleased to apply our skills to these new publications. Thank you, Charlotte Regional Partnership and thanks also to you, Union County Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to serving you and producing other custom publications in the new year.

   The Charlotte business community provides Greater Charlotte Biz with an abundance of great stories to tell and an impressive and diverse business community that appreciates reading them. We promise to continue to perform and produce new publications to the benefit of the Charlotte business community. Thank you, Charlotte businesses. Keep up the great work!


John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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