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June 2011
More Facebook ‘Face’ Lift Techniques
By Kip Cozart

     As a follow-up to last month’s column, here are a few more tips that can help you make the most of your evolving Facebook marketing strategy. Once you have created a well-crafted Facebook fan page with engaging content, it is time to promote it. Facebook offers several excellent opportunities to help you target and attract the attention of its millions of users. How can you capture and convert the Facebook audience to “friends”? And then, more importantly, how can you convert your Facebook friends over to “customers”? Think “Facebook Promotion.”


Expand your Facebook footprint… One of the simplest ways to rapidly increase the number of Facebook “friends” for your fan page involves importing your own email contact lists. Facebook offers an easy to use, bulk import application that is located on the “find friends” page (!/find-friends/). Once your email list has been uploaded, Facebook will automatically match the addresses with registered Facebook users and provide you with the opportunity to add them as friends.

     Facebook also compares your imported email addresses to its own internal database and suggests additional potential contacts that you may also know. Send a “friend request” to these additional contacts in order to expand your audience reach even further.


Broadcast announcements to your friends… Sending frequent, meaningful messages to your entire customer base about upcoming sales events or special offers maintains top-of-mind brand awareness and motivates customers to return to your fan page on a regular basis. Currently, Facebook restricts sending outbound messages to only 20 friends at a time. However, if you want to send announcements to a larger mailing list, there is a simple solution.

     Working from the “events” section of your fan page, select “guests to invite.” Next, instead of manually designating individual friends one at a time to receive your message, paste a short string of JavaScript code directly into your web browser and hit “enter.” (A copy of the current code can be found at

     Once entered, all the friends on your list are automatically selected to receive a copy of your message at the same time. (Note: To adjust for frequent Facebook updates, you may need to search online occasionally for alternate versions of the JavaScript that are regularly posted by various programmers.)


Purchase Facebook advertising… One of the most expedient ways to promote your fan page and grow your customer base is through the purchase of straightforward online advertising within the Facebook website itself. “Facebook Ads” appear on each Facebook page, and they are dynamically programmed to appear based on the user’s individual Facebook profile, likes and interests, group affiliations and click path history.

     “Sponsored Stories” allows you to create and post an image and a short text description, such as a customer testimonial, that will appear as sidebar content on relevant content pages throughout Facebook, while “Ads” promote more sales-oriented messages and images like a special discount offer. In both cases, you can narrow your target audience selection by location, age, gender and time of day, while also matching your customers’ precise personal interests.

     You may also determine how you prefer to pay for the advertising, choosing either to pay only for “click through” leads that connect visitors to your fan page or website, or to pay a smaller amount per “impression” each time your message is displayed on a page. Facebook advertising can be very inexpensive and manageable, allowing you to manage maximum expenditures each day or for the entire length of your campaign. To get started, visit

     Content contributed by CC Communications, a Web design, programming and Internet media company providing a full array of services to businesses and organizations to enhance and produce effective Web, email, multimedia marketing initiatives and business process improvements. For more information, contact Kip Cozart at 704-543-1171 or visit

Kip Cozart is CEO of CC Communications, a Web design, programming and Internet media company.
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