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February 2001
Please Complete Our Reader Survey!
By John Paul Galles

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     As you may know, Greater Charlotte Biz celebrated its first anniversary with last month’s issue. Our mission continues to be to create a quality publication reaching the most complete business circulation in the greater Charlotte community. We aim to inform, educate and entertain area business owners, managers and executives at nearly every business location with more than seven employees. Our circulation continues to increase with the magazine now being mailed directly to over 19,500 business decision-makers in this ten-county region.  Considering that each magazine is passed along to an average of four to six other individuals, Greater Charlotte Biz reaches over 100,000 readers every month.
     Greater Charlotte Biz has two fundamental purposes. One is to deliver great stories to our readers about local business owners and executives and inform them about the abundance of local business resources, products and services. The other is to provide an effective vehicle for business-to-business marketing and building greater brand awareness in our rapidly expanding marketplace. Over the past year, we have written over 112 stories, articles, columns and features about local businesses and their management and have also been the vehicle for over 85 different advertisers of goods and services to area businesses. In the past year, we have included real estate biz and technology biz as regular features in every magazine. With this issue, we are adding auto biz and dining biz to help you learn about other products and services suited to your business needs.
     Feedback from readers and advertisers has been phenomenal. One person commented that he received over 20 different magazines each month, but the only one he always reads cover to cover is Greater Charlotte Biz. One of our biz profile subjects recently called to tell me that he was incredibly impressed by the attention he had received as a result of our story about him. Another person we profiled remarked about the number of ‘high caliber’ people about town who had called her after the publication of her story. Advertisers also tell us about the outstanding response they are getting from their ads in Greater Charlotte Biz. One spoke about the number of favorable responses that he has received from advertising in our magazine as compared to advertising in other print publications. Another called to tell us about the incredible number of calls the company had received from people wanting to see the product advertised in our pages.  
As we begin our second year, we want to continue to improve and be responsive to your needs. We would value your input on our Reader Survey providing us with information about you, your business, your outlook for business and your business needs. We hope to establish an ongoing dialogue with you regarding our local economy. In a planned series of surveys through our magazine and on our Web site, we will make it easy for you to participate in our surveys at your leisure. And to show our appreciation for your time we will be awarding three $500 advertising certificates good for business advertisements in Greater Charlotte Biz during 2001. 
Thank you for your continued interest and for your feedback. We appreciate your ideas, your comments and your criticisms so that we can better serve your needs.
     Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions regarding published issues or stories you think might be interesting. We seek to improve our content and format with every issue that we produce. You are most important to us.

John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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