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June 2010
Free Tools for Enhanced Web Design
By Kip Cozart

     As Web sites become more and more sophisticated, many free and useful do-it-yourself online programming resources have also emerged to help you increase the overall scope and performance of your Web site. From quick and convenient “code generators” and “new content” sources to advanced search engine optimization and useful Web site production tools, there is a wealth of reliable, easy-to-use applications that can save time and accelerate your progress. Think “Web Design Shortcuts.”

     Free Web Interactive Applications… What was once an elaborate and expensive process, producing common interactive applications, can now be quickly streamlined by utilizing established online tools, such as complex online questionnaires provided by or instant Web site polls that are generated by and Interactive calendars with, and free news tickers using are other powerful applications that can be easily integrated into your Web site.

     Free Web Development Tools… Try these useful Web design time-savers: A free “copyright date manager,” offered at that will automatically update the current year that is posted within your Web site footer, a “countdown clock generator” from, a page “loading speed checker” and “broken link checker” also provided by, and a convenient text and graphic-oriented “banner creation” tool available at

     Free Web Content Sources… A wide variety of free 2-D and 3-D graphic illustrations and photo images for Web site use are available online. Visit,,,, and and browse their extensive libraries. Other forms of content, updated automatically, can be found at With embedded code that is added to your Web page, this service delivers a regular supply of entertaining, informative content, such as the “Daily Phrazzle” or “Ultimate Questions” (brain teasers), “This Day in History,” “Interesting Facts,” “Random Joke,” and other features.

     Free SEO Management Tools… To help fine-tune your online promotional strategies, use the free keyword density checker by and monitor your page ranking on Google using

     Content contributed by CC Communications, a Web design, programming and Internet media company providing a full array of services to businesses and organizations to enhance and produce effective Web, e-mail, multimedia marketing initiatives and business process improvements. For more information, contact Kip Cozart at 704-543-1171 or visit

Kip Cozart is CEO of CC Communications, a Web design, programming and Internet media company.
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