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April 2010
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Secrets
By Kip Cozart

     With the economy improving, it is important to get your business out in front of the competition as quickly as possible. One of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to produce new sales is through “pay-per-click” advertising (PPC). While a PPC campaign does not replace the need for ongoing search engine optimization (SEO), it can provide an immediate boost for your call-to-action initiatives. If you have experimented with such services as Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Search, you already know that an initial PPC campaign on your own can be a hit-or-miss experience. What are some of the secrets the pros use to accelerate their pay-per-click results? Think “Quick Click.”


Build Immediacy Into Your Ad Message… Give the customer a compelling reason to click on your specific ad listing right away, before they get distracted by other ad postings. Consider prompts such as: “Time is running out…” “Free Trial Available Today…” “Limited Time Offer...” “An Expert is Online Now to Answer Your Questions…” “Click For Immediate Assistance…”


The “Key” to Selecting Effective Keywords… Don’t waste time or money purchasing overly broad phrases. Instead, narrow your word choice to very specific product solutions. Longer word combinations tend to offer greater control over ad placement and can improve productive exposure to more qualified prospects. Limit ad posting to exact geographic locations (and decrease your bidding rates at the same time).


Monitor and Adjust your PPC Campaign Every Day… Review your progress every day. Drop underperforming key words quickly, shifting available budgets to those phrases that are performing better. Consistent monitoring can also alert you to fraudulent click activity and provide you with the opportunity to suspend the campaign and limit losses until the service provider can investigate.


Gain Faster Insight by Analyzing Competitor Activity… If you not sure where to start, track which keyword combinations your competitors appear to be using within their own PPC activity. Consider both paid ad placement as well as listings that may appear within the generic search engine listings.


Free (or Almost Free) PPC Resources... There is a wealth of online tools to help jump-start your pay-per-click campaigns. Receive $25 in free clicks when you open an account with Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture), which covers numerous search engine leaders, including Yahoo!, Bing, AltaVista and others. Other offers include: free account setup and a $50 PPC credit at, $100 matching credit for PPC advertising at, as well as a $5 new account click credit at, featuring online partners like CBS,, and Microsoft Internet Explorer Autosearch.

     Content provided by CC Communications, a Web design, programming and Internet media company providing a full array of services to businesses and organizations to enhance and produce effective Web, e-mail, multimedia marketing initiatives and business process improvements. For more information, contact Kip Cozart at 704-543-1171 or visit

Kip Cozart is CEO of CC Communications, a Web design, programming and Internet media company.
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