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inthisissue December 2014
This Changes Everything
“3D printing is an exponential technology,” says Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems. “It is becoming faster, cheaper and easier to use at an exponential rate. From the home, to the school, to the office, to the kitchen, this technology is going to change everything; from how we design, to how we make, how we learn, how we live, how we eat, how we stay healthy, how we share. Everything.” The light-filled lobby of 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) could be the lobby of any large company, except for the display of objects. To the left is a fancifully intricate guitar, a teapot, a woman’s shoe and beautifully detailed dollhouse furniture. To the right is a delicate scoliosis brace, a helicopter part and farther back, a car engine block casting pattern. All of the items were created on a 3D Systems’ 3D printer.
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[Eclipse Automation Southeast, LLC]
Eclipsing the Competition
Eclipse Automation Southeast is a supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for industry. From robotic arms on automotive assembly lines to energy regulators for utility companies, President Eric Nitsche describes, “Our purpose is to become an extension to our customers’ engineering teams. We learn what challenges the customer is experiencing and what solutions they need.”
[Jetpool, L.L.C. and SmartSky Networks L.L.C.]
Fly High and WiFi Faster
Jetpool’s turnkey professional aircraft management services allow companies to focus on their core business, knowing their aircraft is entrusted to a partner with impeccable standards, according to its co-founders Ryan Stone and Eric Legvold. Theirs complementary business, SmartSky Networks, will offer airborne connectivity to allow for real-time sharing of data.
[The Goddard School, Rock Hill and Fort Mill]
School House Rocks!
The cost of day care now rivals the price tag for college tuition in some parts of the U.S. However, few people are more familiar with the impact of a high quality preschool education than Bill and Amy Strickland, owner-operators of two locations of The Goddard School. They advocate of early engagement from birth and generous exposure to technological resources.
[H. B. Cantrell & Co.]
Legacy is Peace of Mind
“The selection of insurance carrier is very important. We’re in business for one purpose: To find the best insurance products, at the best rates, and maintain a relationship with the client for the long term,” says Henry Cantrell of H.B. Cantrell & Co. Son John, who enjoys and appreciates the opportunity to work alongside, agrees, “Our product for over 35 years, now, is peace of mind.”
[publisher's Post]
Advanced/Additive Manufacturing Can Rescue the Middle Class—Right Here!
Is 2015 The Year To Sell Your Business?
3D Printing Endless Possibilities
Shorten Your Sales Cycle with LinkedIn Social Selling
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