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inthisissue August 2015
Powering the Char-lanta Megaregion!
Atlanta got a head start in spurring the megaregion’s growth. Says Commissioner Chris Carr of Georgia’s Department of Economic Development, “What makes Georgia stand out as an ideal location for business activity is our integrated partnership approach to economic development—from state, local, international, educational sectors and beyond, our team-work collaboration continues to meet the needs of companies that locate in our state.”
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[Georgia Ports Authority]
Creating a Complete Supply Chain Network
Georgia Ports contribute $39 billion a year to the Georgia economy and 100,000 jobs in metro Atlanta alone. The Port of Savannah is the fourth-busiest container port in the country and the second busiest on the East Coast. Executive Director Curtis Foltz describes the state’s Network Georgia initiative covering Georgia as well as portions of Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
[CoaLogix / SCR-Tech LLC]
Creating a Cleaner Environment
Bill McMahon, president and CEO of CoaLogix Inc. and its subsidiary SCR-Tech LLC, maintains that “Coal has to be a part of our future.” Asked what makes his company stand out, he responds, “We’re a relatively small company dealing with behemoths like Siemens, Shaw and Babcock & Wilcox. We’re in that crowd because we think a little differently on the entrepreneurial side. And that’s how we’re changing things.”
[Hyde Park Partners, Inc.]
Productivity Solutions for Manufacturing
“To see what could be versus what is,” that was the vision of Clifton Vann IV five years ago; “Going a step beyond…,” that is his vision now for his Charlotte-based Hyde Park Partners, Inc. Vann has always been in the vanguard of American ingenuity in engineering and manufacturing. He, like his father Clifton B. Vann III, believes in doing “whatever it takes to ensure the long-term health of U.S. manufacturing.
[Atom Power, LLC]
Are Your Circuit Breakers Smart?
CEO Ryan Kennedy of Atom Power, LLC has developed a new circuit breaker that is software driven, allowing operators to dynamically change characteristics: “We’re trying to fix something that is broken; change the industry. It is a slow process but in a $40 billion industry, slow is a relative term. I expect it to take about 20 years for our technology to become the standard for power distribution.”
[publisher's Post]
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